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Hey friend! I'm Jordan Tribble, professional photographer and owner of TribbleShoot Photography! I'm the right-brained, artistic one, and my new hubby Brantley is my left-brained, business-and-numbers counterpart! Brantley and I were just married on December 10th, 2016, at a small mountain retreat tucked away in Northeast Georgia. As newlyweds ourselves, we are very familiar with the excitement (and stress) that comes with planning a wedding! Choosing a photographer should NOT be included in that list of stressors!

With a degree in photography, numerous published editorial works, and many prestigious photography awards, I possess a must-have trait that some businesses in the industry cannot offer: a formal photographic education. From my experiences in photography school – working with professional models and regular folks, and working with wedding industry and cinematic professionals – to my internship with a yearbook photography company, I have done a bit of everything!

I take pride in providing my clients with services and products that I MYSELF am passionate about: beautifully crafted heirlooms that will be passed down through your family for generations. These are timeless, high-quality images of YOUR special moments. They will fill your family scrapbooks and be the main topic of conversation for years to come.

What I capture in-camera can be described as natural, raw and emotional: expressions that depict people as the true characters they really are in this story we call life. My goal is to capture emotional and unscripted moments in time, reflecting how life truly is: beautifully and wonderfully messy. I offer versatility when it comes to the style of photography YOU are looking for, from the trendy “light and airy” or “dark and moody” editing styles, to classic and traditional. When it comes to post-production, I make great use of my professional training in both Photoshop and Lightroom.

Our favorite thing about weddings is . . . YOUR story! We love hearing how you and your groom met, why the venue is sentimental to you, your crazy dress story, your families' memories of you as children, and beyond! Every memory and decision of your life has led up to this point, and we want to hear about how you got to your day of love! We enjoy hearing crazy, awesome love stories, because OURS is crazy, to say the least!

Song of Solomon 5:16 - This is my beloved, this is my friend.

TribbleShoot Photography is based in Northeast Georgia, but we LOVE to trave and are currently booking destination weddings! Don't let distance affect your decision to choose TribbleShoot Photography! Give us a call, and we'll buy you coffee! 

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