My journey into photography started in high school as a hobby (thanks Mom)!  It wasn't until college that I truly fell in love. I still remember the overwhelming feeling of developing my first roll of black-and-white film in the darkroom, and making my first print. I was seriously hooked.  I believe that my fine art background gives me an artistic perspective that sets me a part.  I am drawn to radiant light as well as dramatic shadows. I want every photograph I take to look like a beautiful painting.  

My style is natural, ethereal, and intimate. I shoot a mixture of digital and film, but when conditions allow, film will always be my first choice.  The rich colors, grain and timelessness that film translates is unmatched in my opinion.   I love shooting weddings because I believe that love is the ultimate journey, and everyones story deserves to be beautifully documented. I am also a photographer for life. Couples trust in me  to photograph important milestones in their life after the wedding. It makes so  happy knowing I am a lifelong friend to the couples  I work with, and get to witness  their children growing up and all the love they share as a family.  I am fascinated by the story, life experience and personality that encompasses each person. When someones true self shines through a photograph, I know I have done my job.  


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